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I want to ask you to vote on June 5, 2012.

It’s your right. It’s your duty.

Not because of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights but because thousands of American Patriots bled and died so you could VOTE.

What a person wants when he or she goes to court is the opportunity to be heard. To know that someone will give them the chance to have their say, their day in court. I enjoyed working with self represented litigants because I like people.

I enjoy helping people and helping to find solutions to problems, solutions that help bridge gaps in communications. Unfortunately the people of this county have been stripped of their right to be heard by a full time judicial officer on the most personal of courts, Small Claims. Instead of a judicial officer that has been specially trained to handle Small Claims and Self Represented litigants, this county now has most of its cases in the western parts of the county heard by an attorney appointed to handle Small Claims.

I have graduated from the B.E. Witkin Judicial College and received specialized training in the area of Small Claims, Unlawful Detainer, Family Law and Traffic. I have also received basic training in Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Dependency.

I was not appointed by a governor as he was leaving office. I was subjected to review by the Judicial Nominees Evaluation Commission (JNE), a division of the California State Bar charged by statute with rating potential judges and making recommendations to the governor, and I passed. A governor is suppose to take the JNE evaluations into consideration unless he is leaving office and there is not sufficient time for the committee to properly review the person before the governor's term is over.

Governor Schwarzenegger appointed a number of judges his last few weeks in office. Those judges are now allowed to run for office as "judge", a designation that greatly helps. I want you to really know the candidates for judicial office before you vote.

Talk to people that have been in court and ask them about the judge or judges they have appeared before and what they thought of that judge. Were they arrogant? Were they more concerned with the next case? Did they appear to at least be listening to the litigants?

Or were they in my courtroom where they were heard. Was I courteous and respectful? I think everyone in El Dorado County knows someone that has appeared in my courtroom over the 6+ years I served this county as a commissioner and referee. I know that if you ask people about my courtroom they will tell you that I listened, I heard and I made a decision without undue delay.

Not everyone won. In Small Claims and Unlawful Detainer at least half of the litigants lost, its the nature of the case. Even people that LOST in my courtroom have come forward to support my campaign. Just ask your friends..... they are my best supporters.

Your VOTE is important in this election. Even if you don’t care about the other issues, I hope you will remember that in every local election your vote counts.

I’d be honored if you’d VOTE for me.

Valentine for Judge

Don’t Forget To Vote!

Many people think that the June 5th election is only the presidential primary, there are many other important initiatives and races on the ballot. One of which is Superior Court Judge. Make sure your friends vote, and tell them to vote:

Valentine for Judge

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June 5, 2012- Election Day
Celebrate your right to select your government. Vote. Select your candidate and Vote. Decide how your government will TAX you and read the propositions.... then VOTE. If you don't VOTE you have no right to complain about how your government treats you or taxes you or takes away your rights. You must VOTE... its your right... its your DUTY! .

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