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Six and one-half years as a Superior Court Referee and Superior Court Commissioner.

Graduate of the B. E. Witkin Judicial College in June 2004.


Small Claims Commissioner/ Judge Pro-Tem in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.

As the Small Claims Judge Pro Tem I heard and decided an average of 30 cases per week for over six years.  Small Claims is the designation for the size of the award requested, not the importance of the issue or how complicated the issues really are.

The cases heard included personal injury, construction defects, contract disputes and virtually any other dispute that can arise between two or more people with a requested dollar designation under $7,500.00.

As the Judge Pro Tem in Small Claims I regularly made visits to the locations where accidents had occurred and site visits for construction defects.

Traffic Arraignments in Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.

As the Traffic Court Commissioner I handled thousands of traffic infractions from arraignment through trial. Virtually every traffic infraction that was heard in El Dorado County was assigned to my courtroom for 6.5 years.

Misdemeanor & Infraction Arraignments

Most County Ordinance and City Ordinance violations were also assigned to my courtroom.  I handled the arraignments and trials for Animal Control violations, Placerville City Code violations, El Dorado County Code violations and South Lake Tahoe City Code violations. I also heard arraignments and trials for California Code of Regulation violations filed by CalFire, California State Parks, California Fish and Game, and California Alcohol Beverage Control.

Juvenile Offenders:

As a Traffic Court Referee I believed that the Juvenile Traffic offenders should not be shielded from responsibility by the law designed to rehabilitate most other juvenile offenders.  Under the old system a juvenile with a speeding ticket was required to appear in Juvenile Traffic Court with their parent to address the citation. Under the new program juveniles with simple traffic violations were treated like adults.  They were given the chance to pay the fine and attend traffic school without taking time off from school or requiring their parent to attend.  For more serious violations, including speeding more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit their appearance was required.

Family Law Calendar:

Having practiced family law from my Cameron Park Office for my entire career I was pleased to accept a Family Law Calendar that consisted entirely of Self-Represented Litigants and attended the conference on Self-Represented Litigants at the AOC in San Francisco.

My calendar was comprised of people in crisis asking for Child Support, Spousal Support, orders for Custody and Visitation, use of property and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.

I have a deep commitment to family issues and values in El Dorado County and have great compassion for all people dealing with such personal issues.

Juror Compliance:

I was asked by the Presiding Judge to tackle the problem of jurors that failed to appear for jury duty.  At the time our records indicated that more than 2500 had failed to appear for jury service in the preceding 12 months.

After reviewing programs in Sacramento and San Joaquin County, I designed a program to encourage voluntary compliance with jury duty.

If someone failed to appear our clerks would send a reminder and ask the person to contact the office. Those people that failed to contact the office were then notified to appear in court and explain why they had failed to appear for Jury Service.

The number of people who failed to appear during the last year of our program was approximately 500 and most of those people had moved, died, or were otherwise ineligible for jury service.

Additional Experience:

  • 1995-2003 General law practice: Business law, family law, criminal law and probate.
  • Ventura County Grand Jury – July 1989 to June 1990.
  • Reserve Deputy – June 1979 to July 1989  Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Dispatcher, Reserve Officer – July 1976 to May 1979  Ventura Police Dept.

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