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How Can You Help?

There are lots of ways you can help.

1. Place a sign in your yard or at your store or office. Contact the office 677-4188 to ask for a sign.

2. Put a bumper sticker on your car or truck, in the window at your apartment, home or office.

3. Tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives to vote on June 5, 2012. Tell them to vote for Stephen Valentine for Superior Court Judge.

4. Remind your friends, neighbors, and relatives that voting is very important, even if you think your vote will not affect the Presidential Primary. Your vote can make a difference in many local races. Vote for Valentine for Judge.

5. Come to one of the Fundraiser in support of my candidacy to help offset the costs of running this campaign.

6. Offer to pass out brochures throughout your neighborhood, at the grocery store, anywhere you might see people during your daily activities.

7. Make a small, or large, DONATION to the campaign. Hit the “Donate” button above or contact our campaign office by calling 677-4188.

8. Help us locate places for the larger roadside campaign signs on some of the more heavily traveled roads in your area.

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Don’t Forget To Vote!

Many people think that the June 5th election is only the presidential primary, there are many other important initiatives and races on the ballot. One of which is Superior Court Judge. Make sure your friends vote, and tell them to vote:

Valentine for Judge

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June 5, 2012- Election Day
Celebrate your right to select your government. Vote. Select your candidate and Vote. Decide how your government will TAX you and read the propositions.... then VOTE. If you don't VOTE you have no right to complain about how your government treats you or taxes you or takes away your rights. You must VOTE... its your right... its your DUTY! .

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